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From birthing kits to authentic handmade jewelry, OneMama gifts empower midwives, mothers, and families in need. Select from the following ways to Donate and/or Purchase Gifts that Give Back:
Give a Cash Donation to Onemama Donate by Giving the Gift of Love Purchase from the OneMama Handcrafted Aftican Collection
Purchase from Handmade African Clothing and Dresses Purchase Shaboom Cosmetics as Gifts - 100% proceeds to Onemama Purchase and Wear Promotion T-shirt and Other Items
Donate Supplies - Birthing Kits to Clinic Give to our Clinic Help by Sponsoring a Nurse or Other Staff Member
*All donations to OneMama go directly to its programs. Currently, OneMama staff members are supported by outside sponsorship.

Save lives and look fabulous!
ShaBoom Products offers natural skincare and make-up for men and women while supporting OneMama programs.
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OneMama's Giving

OneMama's comprehensive program includes different dimensions of involvement all geared to facilitate a self-sustaining lifestyle for people. OneMama does not give handouts or impose outside cultural values.

One way to get involved is by donating supplies to midwives. Whether you are a poor college student or a wealthy executive, you can make an enormous difference. Just one box of latex gloves allows a midwife to care for dozens of soon-to-be mothers. Imagine what 10 can do.

Jamira and Siobhan excited about new supplies

"By this merit may enlightenment be attained, may we overcome the afflictions of evil, may we liberate all beings from the ocean of suffering, the stormy waves of birth, old age, illness, and death."